Lifts and Ramps

Wheelchair/Scooter Carriers

Auto lifts are designed to safely transport a power wheelchairs, scooters, or manual wheelchairs on a vehicle.  The specific lift you choose depends on the combination of vehicle, hitch class, mobility device, and/or your physical capabilities.  Accessories include: additional battery packs, swing-away options, docking devices, license plate holders.
Types of wheelchair carriers include:

  • Outside lifts
  • Hybrid lifts
  • Inside lifts/hoists
  • Universal platform carriers
  • Micro lifts
  • Truck lifts

Portable Ramps

Portable ramps are used for getting wheelchairs or scooters up an incline such as into a raised doorway or up into the back of a vehicle.  They are lightweight, easy to transport, and store.
Types of ramps include:

  • Single fold ramps
  • Multi fold ramps
  • Solid ramps
  • Threshold ramps
  • Modular ramps

Stair Lifts

A stair lift is a mechanical device used for lifting people up and down stairs.  A rail is typically attached to the treads of the stairs.  Indoor stair lifts have a chair attached to the rail for a person to sit in.  Outdoor lifts can have a seat or a platform attached to the rail that a wheelchair or scooter can be carried on.
Types of stair lifts include:

  • Straight rail stair lift
  • Curved rail stair lift
  • Wheelchair platform stair lift
  • Outdoor stair lift

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